Services Provided

We also offer repairs, and services to individuals without a fleet of vehicles. Individuals can enjoy many of the same discounts, high quality parts, and benefits of a full service fleet management facility with their personal vehicles.

individual repair

oil changeOil Change

An oil change is your chance to get a safety and reliability inspection done on your vehicle. Vehicle confidence comes with piece of mind, inspections, and a safety report do just that. Don’t settle for just an oil change cutting yourself short.


Today’s diesels are very complex, and require interval maintenance to maintain reliability. We specialize in service, and repair of Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins Diesel, and GM Duramax diesel engines; bringing value to your wallet by giving you the guidance on maintenance to maximize the life of your diesel.


Alignments ensure tire life, and a vehicle that drives straight down the road. Alignments done right are a cheap way to minimize costly tire purchases.


Tires are a vital part of safety on the road. Serious Fleet and Automotive inspections ensure that you are having tires inspected at each oil change. The Arizona heat is very tough on tires so the shape of your tires is very important when it comes to reliability.



Wearable items are all covered under the Serious inspection. We inspect brakes, belts, and hoses ensuring you are reliable and ready for travel.

belts brakes

hotorcoldClimate Control

Climate control is all part of the inspection process at Serious. Comfort in transport is our goal. We specialize in all climate control systems for you. We offer professional preventative maintenance, repair service, and a/c equipment on heating, and air conditioning.



Tune Up/Emissions

spark-plug-32083_960_720Serious has the extensive diagnostics equipment to make sure that you only make one trip to the emissions station. Vehicles today have longer intervals for tune up items so let us inform you as to when the time comes for a tune up. Doing the preventative maintenance on your vehicle equates to better fuel mileage and reliability.



Transmissions/Transfer Cases/Differentials

unspecifiedThe key to extended transmission life is clean fluid. We have the best fluid exchange equipment to service your transmission at the interval. We offer the best replacement transmissions/ transfer cases and differentials in the industry built by Jasper, with the best warranty in the industry.