Fleet Service

Your fleet of vehicles is a very important component to your business. We strive to be the piece in place that provides organization, guidance and world class service to keep your fleet on the road and profitable.

DOT Inspections

240_F_76330677_pjgELqlIegZOhym5CBkVe9qcioIVCOwsBeing proactive when it comes to DOT inspections, will save you exponentially in a DOT stop scenario. We can handle all of your inspections and we remind you of expiration.

Full Safety Inspections

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.08.05 PMSerious Fleet and auto will perform a full system check of every working part on your vehicle, keeping you on the road with efficient vehicles, in turn more profitable.

Service History Reporting

240_F_103759265_nXHj2BTKLHQ3NnMTmKNLJoUb0FbK5ZyjReports, available to you anytime, help track and control fleet costs. 

Real time component pictures-We will send you real time pictures of your fleet vehicles being repaired. This keeps you in the loop, builds trust, and helps you be more aware of the life of your vehicles.

Service reminders to fleet manager or drivers-Serious fleet and auto sends automatic service reminders, and updates on vehicle service based on a system calculated average daily mileage.

Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery Available

Reduces downtime, and keeps you from having to pull workers off jobs, and waste time sitting in a repair facility opposed to on the job, making money.


240_F_83230520_YJj9wPBFuReAfyuge2v5V3PdYuBuK36jSerious fleet and automotive takes a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance, rather than reactive. Performing scheduled maintenance every 30/60/90 thousand miles extends vehicle life, and keeps you on the road in a healthy, cost efficient vehicle.

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Comparing us to the dealer

Serious Fleet and Automotive is an independent automotive repair, and fleet management facility. In addition, Serious Fleet and Automotive has been successful in providing service to individuals with personal cars.

We pride ourselves in quality repairs and quick, realistic turn around times. We understand the need for business vehicles to be on the road and not sitting in the shop waiting to be worked on.

Automotive dealerships are notorious for very long turn around times and high prices. On average Serious Fleet and Automotive can save our fleet customers 40% from what the dealership charges.

Our technicians are factory trained and certified. OEM or aftermarket parts are available depending on client budget or Serious Fleet and Automotive recommendations. Serious Fleet and Automotive honors a 12 month / 12,000 miles warranty on workmanship and manufacturer parts warranty.

Serious Fleet and Automotive

Parts Discounts

Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery Available

Short Turnaround Times

Master Certified Technicians

OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Warranty 12 months 12,000 Miles

Free Multipoint Safety Inspections


Not Offered

Not Offered

Long Turnaround Times

Master Certified Technicians

OEM Parts Only

Warranty 12 Months 12,000 Miles

Charge for Inspections

Charge for Tire Rotation