240_F_45835463_d7CiChCNtdvxtIBd1pBv4MkGOs20dWs7Serious fleet and Automotive uses advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to quickly, and efficiently diagnose your vehicle concern. Our software is capable of diagnosing any concern on today’s advanced vehicle systems.

Serious Fleet and Automotive is capable of diagnosing, replacing, programming, and repairing anything that most vehicle manufacturers can do.

Serious Fleet and Automotive is a group of passionate individuals that have all worked within the automotive industry for automotive dealers, and independent shops that have come to recognize the weaknesses in the industry that hinder the experience of seamless automotive repair. The team at Serious has united to form an alliance that will give you a seamless, pleasant repair experience much different than the conception of the industry.

We provide critical performance data for each vehicle, so you can track and control fleet costs. This data, available to you anytime, helps with important decisions – from repair and replacement, to extending the lifecycle of your vehicle or fleet. We are the tool that you need to be in a proactive position in vehicle safety and reliability opposed to reactive. Proactivity is stress free and reactivity is very stressful.

Preventative maintenance is the foundation of everything we do for you. A free safety inspection of more than 100 check points ensures all major systems are functioning properly. When you do maintenance, you maximize the life and reliability of your vehicle, minimize costly repairs, and down time.

With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, our technicians conduct component analysis to improve vehicle performance and dependability. Repairs are performed efficiently to keep you on the road and control costs.

Unlike many others, we welcome customers anytime to see our inspections, or to review their fleet data. We build business relationships on honesty and integrity.